Mediation helps you to resolve your issues in a constructive, timely and cost effective manner enabling you to decide on outcomes and Solutions as opposed to that decision being taken away from you and decided by a Judge through often expensive and protracted litigation.


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Edmondson Hall has a respected experienced Lawyer Mediator with a reputation for resolving disputes in a focused, pragmatic and constructive manner.

Mark Edmondson

Mark Edmondson is a Solicitor and Chief Executive of Edmondson Hall Solicitors with over 30 years’ experience. He has a Master degree in International Sports Law in which he achieved a distinction (first) winning the prize for best performance. He also holds an advanced certificate in insurance law.

He is an Accredited Mediator and a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and the British Association for Sport and Law (BASL). He was Chairman of Newmarket Festival CIC and Newmarket Charitable Foundation for 10 years, the Chair of the Equine Professional’s Conference and Chair of Newmarket Business Day. He is listed in Debretts “People of Today” and “as being one of the country’s top 25,000 influential people in the UK”. He has numerous articles published in the International Sports Law Journal.

“Mark Edmondson is a vastly experienced litigator and an expert in horseracing regulations. Sources regard him as very knowledgeable and passionate about the sport…” – Chambers UK

How Does Mediation Benefit You

There are several reasons why mediation benefits you; some examples are:

  • Mediation is your process – You retain control, decide on the issues you need to resolve and the outcome with the assistance of the Mediator. An outcome is not imposed as it would be if you went to court;
  • Environment – we provide a safe and comfortable environment within which to mediate;
  • Cost – Mediation can be far cheaper than a lengthy, uncertain and expensive court process.
  • Timing – You set the agenda with the help of the mediator; mediation is quicker than more formal procedures and usually issues can be resolved in a matter of weeks.
  • What does it involve

During mediation, we:

  • Help you set the agenda;
  • Help to analyse information and ensure all the information is available to make informed decisions;
  • Supply information and ideas to help you achieve an outcome;
  • Manage and facilitate your discussions;
  • Guide you on a range of options to consider a fair solution and give advice about issues and possible solutions;
  • Consider and discuss signposting options; we have a network of other professionals who we can refer you to and who will assist you in your decision making and generally; for example, Financial advisors, counsellors, Family therapists etc.
  • Prepare the documents at the end of the mediation setting out the financial information, the proposals/ arrangements you were able to reach and in Civil Mediation draft the consent Order.
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