Landlord and Tenant

Edmondson Hall Solicitors can offer both landlords and tenants of commercial and residential properties specialist advice as to their rights. In particular, we can advise landlords on a number of common issues relating to tenants. There are a number of pitfalls that landlords will need to be mindful of and the need for advice on rights and strategy in this respect is important. In particular, we can assist you with:

  • Eviction of tenants for a variety of breaches of a tenancy agreement, to include non-payment of rent and damage and misuse of property
  • Eviction of both licensed and unlicensed occupiers, trespassers and squatters
  • Claims for rent arrears and damage to property
  • Treatment of a tenant’s abandoned possessions
  • Drafting of tenancy agreements and advice in relation to appropriate clauses
  • Forfeiture

If you are unsure whether your enquiry falls into any of the above categories then please do contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss matters with you.

Edmondson Hall have previously assisted clients with:

  • Successful County Court claims for vacant possession of properties and rent arrears
  • Resolution of landlord and tenant disputes, to include negotiating a voluntary departure of tenants and property, without recourse to the courts
  • All steps with regard to the successful eviction of trespassers who have denied their landlord access to property
  • Successfully assisted with forfeiture
  • Abandonment of goods by tenants


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