Due to the Government restrictions, we will mostly be working away from the office. We will continue to progress your matter as best we can in the circumstances.

Please see below the list of staff contact details.

NameMobile NumberDirect DialsJob Description
Anna Hall0786661406701638 564483Consultant
Ali Price 01638 597550Credit Controller
Barry Crabtree-Taylor0776524643701638 564491Partner
Camilla East0775667657101638 564484Partner
Carly McLean0793473095801638 564493Residential Property Paralegal
Carolyn Rice 01638 597551PA to Deborah Hargreaves
Chris Pitchers0788525721901638 564494Partner
Debbie Hardy 01638 597552Secretary – Private Client
Deborah Hargreaves0752884133601638 564485Director
Fiona Black 01638 597553PA to Mark Edmondson
Francesca Cann0747364922501638 564481Paralegal
James Crussell0798467716901638 564495Solicitor
James Southward0781206708801638 564489Associate – Commercial Property
Jo Scrivener 01638 564499PA to Anna Hall
Julia Martin 01638 564496Head of Secretarial Support & Legal Secretary
Justin Wadham0778533843601638 564486Consultant
Kate Green 01638 597554Senior Office Administrator
Lynda Allett 01638 564497Paralegal – Private Client
Louise Harcombe0771186596601638 564488Paralegal
Mark Edmondson0797141134501638 564482Chief Executive
Martin Lane07986335942 01638 564490            Partnership Director
Michael Drake 01638 564498Consultant
Nicky Martin 01638 597555Secretary to Barry Crabtree-Taylor
Sarah Willett 01638 597557Secretary to Simon Gummer
Simon Gummer0771118131401638 564487Partner
Stephen Roberts0750140978301638 564492Private Client Solicitor
Tamlin Crawford 01638 564480Secretary
Tracy Townsend  Secretary to Justin Wadham