Good Divorce Week 2020 takes place between 30th November and 2nd December. It is an annual campaign that aims to promote practical and constructive ways for couples to separate or divorce, and to put the needs of their children first. Good Divorce Week is organised by Resolution, a community of more than 6,500 family justice professionals.


The pandemic has resulted in many couples reaching breaking point, and finding themselves overwhelmed with the challenges that they face to sort out financial and child care arrangements following separation or divorce.


Most couples quite understandably want to avoid protracted and expensive court proceedings, but do not know where to turn to find out what the options are.


We believe the process of separating, sorting out finances and arranging childcare should be done in a way that minimises conflict and keeps the best interests of any children involved at the heart of proceedings.


We are experienced family lawyers, mediators and collaborative lawyers, who understand that there is no silver bullet approach to divorce, as every family is different. However, by seeking early professional advice, couples have the benefit of considering a range of options and making a decision that is most suitable to them.


To help in promoting the benefits of early legal advice, we will be offering 30-minute free advice sessions to those couples who need it. Good Divorce Week is a chance for people who usually have little to no access to professional advice to seek it out and make the best-informed decisions for them and their family. Professional advice delivered early can help people think through their options and decide which process or combination of processes would be most suitable.



If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to – tel: 01638 564487