16 May

Joint Ownership

When two or more people purchase a property together, it is necessary to think about how you are going to hold the property. 

15 Mar

Bereavement: Death of a loved one “What do I need to do?”

Almost all of us, at some point in our lives, will experience loss.  Generally, this is not a subject we want to think about, or talk about. 

9 Feb

TOLATA Claims – What are they?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) Families and Households 2020 report identified that the total number of opposite-sex cohabiting couples has increased from around 1.5 million…

17 Nov

No-fault divorce & ending the blame game

6 April 2022 brings with it a huge change in divorce legislation in England and Wales that has been campaigned for by family lawyers for many years.

17 Nov

Losing Capacity – Lasting Power of Attorney or Deputyship Order

Many people assume that if they were to lose capacity and therefore the power to make decisions for themselves, often through a progressive illness such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s, or through something more sudden, such as a stroke or coma, their spouse, children or other family members/friends can simply step in and take over.

17 Nov

Grandparents and their grandchildren

Grandparents have a special role to play in a child’s life. Sometimes they provide additional care and support when parents are working and if you ask a child they will provide lots of examples of fun times spent sharing time at home or having adventures out and about.

1 Nov

Family court delays top 110,000 so what are the alternatives to court?

Decision to litigate at court is not an easy option, especially in family law dealing with difficult issues like how much time a child spends with their parents or finalising a divorce settlement.

1 Nov

Family court backlogs climb to over 110,000 – why is this happening?

It was reported in the Law Society Gazette on 11 November 2022 that the ‘government has been urged to ensure sufficient judicial capacity to deal with the family court backlog.